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Amethyst  B

A combination of lily of the valley and dark musk

Autumn Harvest  B

A blend of fall leaves, dried spiced fruit, teakwood and sandalwood

Avalon  B

A mystical blend of pear and lily

Berries & Cream  B

A combination of blueberry, strawberry, cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, vanilla and baked cake

Black Walnut  B

A distinctive nutty and earthy, piney and citrus smell

Bliss  B

A sensuous blend of sweet apple and Scottish heather

Blue Moon  B

A unique blend of ginseng, soft musk and hibiscus

Celtic Dragon  B

A blend of myrrh, opium, dark rich sandalwood with lily of the valley, balsam fir and clean rain

Celtic Mist  B

Lily of the valley, light musk, clean rain, balsam fir- clean and woodsy

Clarity  B

A blend of lavender, sandalwood and neroli

Colvin  B

Ginseng and orange, bright and sweet

Cosmic Minstrel  B

A complex combination of sandalwood, cypress, vanilla and spices- earthy and deep

Dragon's Spirit  B

A wonderful dark blend of woody sandalwood, myrrh and opium, strong and vibrant

Dream Pillow  B

Lovely soft floral scent with frangipanni

Egyptian Queen (Isis)  B

An exotic combination of egyptian sandalwood, musk and lotus blossom, earthy with a dark floral

Emerald Shores  B

Like a journey along the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, clean, green and a hint of sea grass

Fiji Gardens  B

A wonderful sweet floral blend of polnesian hibiscus and plumeria, happy and uplifting

Freak of Nature  B

A bizarre blend of the rain forest, very earth patchouli and sandalwood

Freya  B

A unique and rich blend of vanilla, orchid and almonds- magical and unique

Funky Fairy  B

A secret of the Fae, sweet, candy like blend of fruits like lime and pomegranate

Galahad's Gardenia  B

Named after Sir Galahad, this is a blend of gardenia and hibiscus

Golden Karma  B

Very rich and earthy, a blend of sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, myrrh and hibiscus

Green Tea & Bamboo  B

Clean and fresh scent, with a soothing green undertone

Gypsy Dreams  B

A light blend, with notes of rain and amber, clean and mild

Harmony  B

Exotic and somewhat earthy, with notes of vetiver and dry earthy tones

Harvest Moon  B

Earthy and rich, a blend of frankincense, sandalwood and jasmine

Hawaiian Winds  B

Beautiful blend of plumeria and frangipanni, clean, fresh, bright and happy

Immortal  B

Strong and alluring, earthy and mysterious

Island Sunset  B

Fresh, tropical, fruity smell, notes of papaya and mango

Jasmine Moon  B

Sweet jasmine blended with our cool and clean Moon Goddess

Leo's Lavender  B

A combination of lavender and french lavendin

Loki  B

Mysterious and bewildering blend of black pepper and bergamot

Love Potion  B

A passionate blend of vanilla and frangipanni flower

Mandarin Sky  B

A sweet earthy combination of myrrh and mandarin orange

Merlin's Beard  B

A wizardly blend of teakwood and mahogany

Mid Summer's Magick  B

A lovely magical blend of sandalwood, rose gardenia and lavender

Midnight Moon  B

Earthy and rich, a combination of Egyptian musk and east Indian patchouli

Misti Mountains  B

Like a soft rain on the moss covered mountains

Moon Goddess  B

A clean and seductive blend of opium, sweet rain and cucumber, evoking the energy of the full moon

Morgana le Fey  B

A crisp clean blend of lilac and cucumber, bright and clean

Morning Dew  B

A mysterious blend of neroli, orange blossom and china rain

Mother Earth  B

A soft but grounding blend of musk and sandalwood

Mystic Forest  B

A dry woodsy scent combination of Spanish moss and cypress wood

Nag Champa  B

A calming and warming scent reminiscent of jasmine or magnolia flowers, note of juniper, patchouli and vanilla, rose, geranium are also present

Namaste  B

The clean and calming scent of bamboo, peaceful and deep

Nectar of the Nile  B

Clean fresh linen scent with hint of baby powder

Norseman  B

Woody and clean scent, like a viking voyage across the sea, cedarwood, balsam fir and ocean

Ocean  B

Clean a lightly sweet watery scent, with a hint of sea berries

Odin  B

Very masculine blend, fine cologne like undertone, with a blend of teak, sandalwood, opium, myrrh, basil, sage and mint

Outlaw  B

Bold masculine blend of ginseng and dark musk

Patchilla  B

A soft but earthy blend of vanilla and patchouli

Patchouli Rose  B

A combination of sweet rose and earthy patchouli

Pixie Magick  B

Very sweet and happy, candy like smell

Protection  B

A twist of sandalwood and ambergris

Rendezvous  B

A soft sensuous and deep opium blend

Seamair  B

Irish clover, Scots pine and moss- smells like the green fields of Ireland

Seduction  B

Romantic and intriguing blend of Egyptian musk and dark vanilla

Serenity  B

Peaceful combination of umber rose and Egyptian sandalwood a peaceful beautiful scent

Sherwood Forest  B

The forest of olde England, with woody notes of pine and oak

Siren's Song  B

Alluring blend of lavender, spice and pumpkin

Spellbound  B

A floral blend of ylang ylang and jasmine, enchanting and magical

Stardust  B

Bright sweet and out of this world, hints of strawberry and honey

Sugarplum Fairy  B

Super sweet plums blessed by the fairies

Summer Breeze  B

Bright and uplifting blend of orange blossom and rose

Summer Daisy  B

A sparkling floral bouquet, notes of violet, strawberry, grapefruit, jasmine, musk and vanilla

Sweet Meadows  B

A sweet fruity and floral blend of wild berries and tulips

Tea Leaf & Jasmine  B

A wonderful calming and soothing blend of dried tea leaves and night blooming jasmine

Temptation  B

A seductive and enchanting blend of dark rich vanilla and Egyptian musk

Thor  B

An earthy and deep unique blend of amber, myrrh, cedarwood, spice, frankincense

Tibet  B

An exotic and ancient tones blended, frankincense, opium, patchouli and myrrh

Titan  B

Bright and unique, a combination of oak, cedar, cypress, fresh cut grass and musk, with a touch of dark rich amber

Twilight  B

A creative deep combination of nag champa, dark amber, frankincense and vanilla- a darker, earthy version of nag champa

Vampire's Kiss  B

Alluring and attracting, with notes of tonka bean, plums, vanilla, amber, ylang ylang, strawberry and musk

Vanilla Lime  B

Smells like a citrus cake, warm and slightly tart

Vanilla Rose  B

Bright and happy rose blended with soothing dark vanilla

Waikiki Beach  B

Sweet and sun-ripened watermelon with undertone of light citrus, tropical and delicious

Waterfall  B

Cool and refreshing northern waterfall, and the blowing misty air that surrounds you

Whisper  B

Soft deep and very passionate, notes of tonka bean, mahogany, tea leaves, jasmine, violet and rose

Witch's Brew  B

Dark and mysterious, an earthy blend of sage, patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood, musk and amber

Wood Nymph  B

Woody and bright blend of jasmine and cypresswood

Zen  B

Very calming and deep- a blend of bamboo, myrrh, green tea and ginseng

Zephyr  B

Masculine and bright, a combination of lavendin, cucumber, musk and cedarwood

Zeus  B

Lightly sweet and clean with woody undertones, with Indonesian teak

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