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Hot/Unsafe for skin

These oils should NOT be applied to your skin, but may be diffused or mixed into candle wax or used sparingly for soaps.

Almond E

A bitter almond true essential, with sweet cherry tones

Basil E

A fresh Italian herb, in the mint family

Black Pepper E

A sharp aroma with hints of woody and piney peppercorns

Bugger Off EB

An all natural blend of essential oils to stop annoying insects- combination of lavender, cedarwood, tonka bean, tea tree, lemon verbena and ylang ylang

Camphor E

Herbal, spicy, cooling minty, and somewhat earthy

Cedar Wood E

Woodsy, balsamic undertones, sharp and bright

Cherry F

Sweet, slightly tart, delicious and watery

Cinnamon F

Sweet and spicy hot fragrance

Cinnamon Bark E

Dark and spicy- very hot

Cinnamon Leaf E

Spicy and musky hot scent

Clove E

Powerful sweet, spicy and hot- with fruity top notes

Coriander E

Sweet smooth spicy scent with peppery and woodsy notes

Cumin E

Warm aromatic and pungent, traditional South American spice

Grapefruit E

Zesty tart citrus, clean aromatic with hints of lavender

Grapefruit Pink E

Zesty sweet and tart citrus, clean aromatic

Holiday Spice B

Holidays in a bottle, cinnamon, bayberry and pinetree- hearth and home

Juniper Berry E

Somewhat pungent, herbaceous, camphorous and peppery

Lemongrass E

A soft green lemony scent with a hint of orange blossom undertone and spice

Lemon Verbena E

A delightful lemon scent with hint of leaves and zest

Mandarin Red E

Sharp, tangy with elements of candied orange

Melissa E

Extremely fragrant lemony scent in mint family

Nutmeg E

A spicy, sweet, earthy based note with a top note of cinnamon, clove and vanilla

Orange Sweet E

Ripe sweet and juicy orange, when you smell it you can taste it

Oregano E

Bold, traditional herbal scent

Peppermint E

An herbal and fresh, strong minty cool scent

Prosperity EB

A unique blend of lemongrass and peppermint

Thieves EB

A strong scent, an essential blend of cinnamon leaf, rosemary, clove, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender

Wintergreen E

Crisp minty air, often used to relieve muscle aches

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