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Amber Dark  E

A rich, mild, earthy smell with warm tones

Balsam Fir  E

From Northwestern balsam fir trees, evergreen

Belladonna  E

Sweet and subtly floral with dark berries

Bergamot  E

A unique floral with a spicy edge, highly fragrant- it give earl grey tea its distinctive scent

Calendula  E

An odd smelling floral, some say it has notes of woody, musky almost bitter

Carnation  E

A spicy floral scent, with a clove-like undertone, bright and vivid

Citronella  E

Grassy and floral with undertones of citrus

Eucalyptus  E

Minty and piney with a touch of honey scent- great for respiratory congestion.

Ginger Grass  E

Strong warm and spicy, peppery and clean

Ginger Root  E

Strong lemony, spicy, peppery with more earth notes- good for congestion 

Jasmine Egyptian  E

Intense floral, sweet and musky, with undertones of tea and honey

Jasmine Night Blooming  E

A late night gentle scent, silky clean and inviting

Jasmine Tunisian  E

Sweet, smooth slightly earthy and full bodied, very rich and warm

Jasmine Wild Mountain  E

Rich and sweet floral, with top notes of honey, rose, ylang and orange blossom

Lavender English  E

Sweet floral with a sharper scent- stress reducer

Lavendin  E

Very strong spice scent, floral with bittersweet notes, more camphorous than true lavender

Myrrh Moroccan  E

Earthy and dark, has undertones of geranium, lavender, bergamot, black pepper and amber

Neroli  E

The blossom of the bitter orange tree, the scent is sweet honeyed with undertone of green and spice

Oakmoss  E

A very earthy deep wood scent, often described as a heavy burnt woodsy scent or burnt earth

Black Orchid  E

Soft floral with undertones of patchouli, chocolate and dried fruit, with woody accords

Patchouli East Indian  E

An earthy, strong dark musky scent with a slightly sweet wet soil scent

Petigrain  E

Sweet yet tart with subtle floral and woody characteristics

Rose Geranium  E

Deep floral, with accents of citrus and spice, less powdery and more herbal

Rose Tea  E

A rich heady rose with a hint of bergamot, lily and the classic scent of tuberose

Rosemary  E

Energizing, focusing, herbal, has a evergreen scent with notes of citrus, basil, sage and myrtle

Rosewood  E

Sweet, woodsy, fruity and floral aroma

Sage Clary  E

Traditonal desert sage, strong and pungent

Sage Dalmation  E

Very sharp and spike sage, strong, dry and pungent

Sandalwood Arabian  E

Woody, mellow and dry, with a light note of vanilla and coconut

Sandalwood Egyptian  E

Soft and woody, with a slight musky note

Sandalwood Woody  E

Rich, strong and earthy dark sandalwood, masculine and grounding

Spearmint  E

Sweet and cooling minty overtones with menthol base note

Tea Tree  E

Astringent, camphorous and medicinal, the scent is similar to eucalyptus

Thyme  E

Herbal, strong and hot, pungent, warm and spicy, a mouth watering freshness

Tonka Bean  E

Warm and sweet, notes of cocoa, vanilla and reminiscent of almond, cinnamon and clove

Vanilla (Dark)  E

Sweet cozy and warming, luxurious, sensual and elegant, mild soft spice

Vetivert  E

Dry, earthy, woody, leathery and smoky- think of uncut tall grass on warm day

Ylang Ylang  E

Beautifully fragrant, sweet slightly fruity, nuances of jasmine, neroli and banana

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