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A bright, fresh, green floral bright, fresh, green floral

Ambrosia  F

A creamy scent with notes of fruits and florals

Amaretto F

Reminiscent to the liqueur, a blend of apricot, peach and almonds

Apple F

A fresh crisp delicious apple

Awaphui  F

A sweet and clean Hawaiian sea berry

Bayberry   F

A wintery evergreen shrub with blue-green fruit

Bay Rum  F

Bay leaves and rum, similar tones of cinnamon, oak and sweet vanilla

Black Currant  F

Rich and fruity blend of berries and currant highlighted with notes of citrus and vanilla

Black Tea  F

A spicy, sweet, slightly lemony aroma

Blue Bonnett  F

Warm spring weather, with notes of peach, bergamot and white berries, ylang and rose

Blueberry  F

Sweet northern berries, mildly tart, very fragrant

Chai Tea  F

Aromatic complex mix of cinnamon bark, clove, ginger, nutmeg and green tea

Cherry Blossom  F

Soft notes similar to lilac, rose creamy vanilla and almond

China Rain  F

Sensual luminous, with the hint of fresh lilies, Chinese blossoms and white moss

Chocolate  F

Tradional cocoa scent, nutty and rich

Coconut  F

Sweet, fruity and creamy- very tropical vibe

Coffee  F

A complex blend of different smells- flowery, nutty, smoky and herbal

Cool Breeze  F

Cool, fresh ocean breeze, wintery and clean

Cottage Breeze  F

Clean fresh cotton scent

Cranberry F

Sweet and very tart, fall in New England

Cucumber  F

Clean, crisp, watery scent

Cypress   F

Clean, spicy, woodsy evergreen scent, very soothing. calming and comforting smell

Dogwood F

A beautiful sweet floral with hints of jasmine, violet, plumeria and sandalwood

Dragon's Tears  F

Mildly earthy with notes of sweet and smoky tobacco

Frangipanni    F

A sweet, lovely floral, very tropical

Freesia  F

Early spring scent, happy light floral 

Fresh Cut Grass  F

Smells like freshly mown grass, very green

Fruit of the Vine  F

Fresh muscadine grapes, sweet and sun-ripened

Gardenia  F

Lovely, sweet and bright floral, cheerful scent

Ginger Bread  F

Sweet baked gingerbread, with note of vanilla, nutmeg, and ginger hearth and home scent

Ginger  F

Aromatic warm and lightly peppery with notes of lemon

Ginseng  F

Earthy, rooty smell, woody and strong scent, uplifting and energizing scent

Hawaiian Ginger  F

Aromatic and slightly earthy, more sweet, wet and clean

Hazelnut  F

Earthy, beany, chocolaty and nutty. evokes memories of the holidays 

Heather    F

Lovely, soft floral from Scotland, similar to honeysuckle

Hibiscus    F

Light subtle scent similar to dried fruit and tea leaves

Highlands Heather  F

Scottish heather from the highlands, light sweet and aromatic, bright and happy

Honeysuckle    F

Sweet, strong floral, summertime blooming with bright happy notes

Honeysuckle Sweet  F

Sweet, happy uplifting floral, summertime blooming, similar to jasmine with vanilla

Hyacinth  F

A light springtime floral with notes of magnolia, green and wispy

Jasmine   F

A floral, sensual, rich and sweet

Jasmine Rose  F

A jasmine and rose hybrid, light blooms with notes of bergamot and light musk

Kalei  F

A light and sweet blend of Hawaiian florals

Lavender   F

A sweet floral with a herbal and balsamic undertone- a brain relaxing stress reducer

Leather  F

A strong, masculine scent with a hint of smoky vanilla

Lilac  F

A strong sweet floral, bright and lovely

Lily of the Valley   F

A slightly sweet and soft floral, often considered slightly green and with dew

Lime  F

The brightest and energizing citrus scent, sweeter than lemon, juicy and tart

Lotus Blossom  F

A deep, rich, earthy floral with undertone of fruit

Magnolia  F

A sweet and creamy scent with a light citrus nuance

Midnight  Rain  F

Clean and slightly sweet, refreshing 

Mulberry  F

A delicious blend of berries with subtle tones of cinnamon and citrus

Musk China Dark  F

Clean fresh and smooth, with tones of vanilla, cherry blossom, cream and light citrus

Musk China Light  F

Almost powder fresh, with subtle hints of amber, rose and citrus

Musk Dark  F

Deep and sensual, sweet undertones, with notes of vetiver, cocoa, teak and vanilla

Musk Egyptian  F

Alluring and attractive, soft and powdery, with subtle notes of myrrh, rose, frankincense and a drop of patchouli

Musk Indian  F

Deep rich woody, like walking in a dense forest, with undertones of spice, flowers and earth

Musk Light  F

Soft and mildly spicy, undernotes of rose, vanilla, jasmine, vanilla

Musk White  F

Pleasant and clean, with a soft floral note.

Orange  F

Bright and sweet, tangy and lightly tart orange

Orange Blossom  F

Sweet and light floral with undertones of orange

Orchid  F

Light and soft sweet vanilla tone with a soft hint of ginger

Patchouli Light  F

A softer version of patchouli, still unmistakable

Peach  F

Sweet, sun-ripened peach, slightly tart

Pear  F

A sweet and dense fruit, great fall scent

Pennyroyal  F

Herbal minty scent, similar to peppermint

Peony  F

Sweet, rosy and citrusy, very uplifting and fresh

Pine  F

Woodsy and sharp evergreen- bright and happy

Plum  F

Juicy fresh and sweet, a lush and sensual vibe

Plumeria  F

Unique like no other flower, sweet combination of scents like, roses, peaches, lemons, jasmine and honeysuckle

Pomegranate  F

Sweet tart and winey aroma with the subtle green scent of its skin

Pumpkin  F

Spiced and buttery tones of pumpkin

Rain  F

Freshly fallen rainstorm, lightly sweet and bright

Rain Forest  F

Deep forest rainfall, clean with undertones of pine, cypress and cedar

Rapscallion  F

A rich blend of tonka bean and black coconut- very Caribbean scent evoking the pirates

Raspberry  F

Sweet, rich and bright sun-ripened raspberries

Romance  F

A rich and romantic opium blend

Rose Coriander  F

Traditional rose mixed with a soft coriander, with light herbal undertones

Rose  F

Bright, happy traditional rose, very fresh right out of the garden

Rose Scarlet  F

A bright, fruity floral, top notes of bergamot and lemon undertones of neroli, jasmine, peach, tonka bean and caramel

Rose Tuber  F

Powerful, intoxicating, with undertones of jasmine, gardenia, peony and orange blossom

Sage & Citrus  F

The deep earthy scent of dried white sage and the citrus undertones of grapefruit and lime

Sakura  F

Bright, sweet and happy Japanese cherry blossom

Sand Castles  F

Light and beachy smell, clean and uplifting

Sandalwood Hawaiian  F

Bright and tropical, accents of pineapple and plumeria

Sandalwood Light  F

Soft, silky and very lightly woodsy

Sandalwood Teak  F

A wonderful blend of soft sandalwood and exotic Indonesian teakwood more woody and vibrant

Spanish Moss  F

Deep in the boggy swamps of the south, Spanish moss has an antique feel of sweet powdery perfume

Strawberry  F

Sun ripened and very sweet

Summer Rain  F

Light and clean with a hint of floral

Sweet Pea F

Fresh floral, with top notes of lily, apple, grape, gardenia violet and mild musk

Tangerine  F

Bright, sweet and juicy with a slight honey note, uplifting

Violet  F

Soft and velvety with nuances of rose, raspberry and iris

Wisteria  F

Bright and beautiful floral, reminiscent of lilac, peonies and creamy vanilla

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