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In keeping with our tireless commitment to bringing only the finest goods to our customers, our essential and fragrance oils are never diluted with any carriers. This means that when you purchase oils from us, you can rest assured that not a drop of alcohol, vegetable/nut oils, or petroleum oils have been added to increase volume at the expense of purity and quality. We stand by our years of high standards, and we never intend to change.




E = Essential, one farm source, only organic material is used to produce this oil.

EC = Essential Compound, more than one farm source, only organic material is used to produce this oil.

EB = Essential Blend, all oils in these Blends are essential, various essentials used to create this   blend.

F = Fragrance, also called Perfumes, synthetically created in a laboratory, contains NO organic material.

B = Blend, these are original blends which we've created which contain both essential and fragrance oils. 

Our Oils



Almond (HOT)  E

A bitter almond true essential, with sweet cherry tones

Amber Dark  E

A rich, mild, earthy smell with warm tones

Balsam Fir  E

From Northwestern balsam fir trees, evergreen

Basil  E

A fresh Italian herb, in the mint family

Belladonna  E

Sweet and subtly floral with dark berries

Bergamot  E

A unique floral with a spicy edge, highly fragrant- it give earl grey tea its distinctive scent

Black Pepper  E

A sharp aroma with hints of woody and piney peppercorns

Calendula  E

An odd smelling floral, some say it has notes of woody, musky almost bitter

Camphor  E

Herbal, spicy, cooling minty, and somewhat earthy

Carnation  E

A spicy floral scent, with a clove-like undertone, bright and vivid

Cedar Wood  E

Woodsy, balsamic undertones, sharp and bright

Cinnamon Bark  E

Dark and spicy- very hot

Cinnamon Leaf  E

Spicy and musky hot scent

Citronella  E

Grassy and floral with undertones of citrus

Clove  E

Powerful sweet, spicy and hot- with fruity top notes

Coriander  E

Sweet smooth spicy scent with peppery and woodsy notes

Cumin  E

Warm aromatic and pungent, traditional South American spice

Eucalyptus  E

Minty and piney with a touch of honey scent- great for respiratory congestion.

Ginger Grass  E

Strong warm and spicy, peppery and clean

Ginger Root  E

Strong lemony, spicy, peppery with more earth notes- good for congestion 

Grapefruit  E

Zesty tart citrus, clean aromatic with hints of lavender

Grapefruit Pink  E

Zesty sweet and tart citrus, clean aromatic

Jasmine Egyptian  E

Intense floral, sweet and musky, with undertones of tea and honey

Jasmine Night Blooming  E

A late night gentle scent, silky clean and inviting

Jasmine Tunisian  E

Sweet, smooth slightly earthy and full bodied, very rich and warm

Jasmine Wild Mountain  E

Rich and sweet floral, with top notes of honey, rose, ylang and orange blossom

Juniper Berry  E

Somewhat pungent, herbaceous, camphorous and peppery

Lavender English  E

Sweet floral with a sharper scent- stress reducer

Lavendin  E

Very strong spice scent, floral with bittersweet notes, more camphorous than true lavender

Lemon Grass  E

A soft green lemony scent with a hint of orange blossom undertone and spice

Lemon Verbena  E

A delightful lemon scent with hint of leaves and zest

Mandarin Red  E

Sharp, tangy with elements of candied orange

Melissa  E

Extremely fragrant lemony scent in mint family

Myrrh Moroccan  E

Earthy and dark, has undertones of geranium, lavender, bergamot, black pepper and amber

Neroli  E

The blossom of the bitter orange tree, the scent is sweet honeyed with undertone of green and spice

Nutmeg  E

A spicy, sweet, earthy based note with a top note of cinnamon, clove and vanilla

Oakmoss  E

A very earthy deep wood scent, often described as a heavy burnt woodsy scent or burnt earth

Orange Sweet  E

Ripe sweet and juicy orange, when you smell it you can taste it

Black Orchid  E

Soft floral with undertones of patchouli, chocolate and dried fruit, with woody accords

Oregano  E

Bold, traditional herbal scent

Patchouli East Indian  E

An earthy, strong dark musky scent with a slightly sweet wet soil scent

Peppermint  E

An herbal and fresh, strong minty cool scent

Petigrain  E

Sweet yet tart with subtle floral and woody characteristics

Rose Geranium  E

Deep floral, with accents of citrus and spice, less powdery and more herbal

Rose Tea  E

A rich heady rose with a hint of bergamot, lily and the classic scent of tuberose

Rosemary  E

Energizing, focusing, herbal, has a evergreen scent with notes of citrus, basil, sage and myrtle

Rosewood  E

Sweet, woodsy, fruity and floral aroma

Sage Clary  E

Traditonal desert sage, strong and pungent

Sage Dalmation  E

Very sharp and spike sage, strong, dry and pungent

Sandalwood Arabian  E

Woody, mellow and dry, with a light note of vanilla and coconut

Sandalwood Egyptian  E

Soft and woody, with a slight musky note

Sandalwood Woody  E

Rich, strong and earthy dark sandalwood, masculine and grounding

Spearmint  E

Sweet and cooling minty overtones with menthol base note

Tea Tree  E

Astringent, camphorous and medicinal, the scent is similar to eucalyptus

Thyme  E

Herbal, strong and hot, pungent, warm and spicy, a mouth watering freshness

Tonka Bean  E

Warm and sweet, notes of cocoa, vanilla and reminiscent of almond, cinnamon and clove

Vanilla (Dark)  E

Sweet cozy and warming, luxurious, sensual and elegant, mild soft spice

Vetivert  E

Dry, earthy, woody, leathery and smoky- think of uncut tall grass on warm day

Wintergreen  E

Crisp minty air, often used to relieve muscle aches

Ylang Ylang  E

Beautifully fragrant, sweet slightly fruity, nuances of jasmine, neroli and banana


Essential Compounds

Dragon's Blood  EC

Potent heady blend of mild sweet, spicy and earthy notes- pungent and powdery

Frankincense Tunisian  EC

Aromatic resin from the boswellia tree, woodsy, earthy and lemony

Kush  EC

Earthy and floral, pepper and piney with a smooth vanilla undertone

Myrrh Tunisian  EC

Rich and deep, dry earthy tone with hints of figs, plum and wood

Opium China White  EC

Light and romantic, silky and soft opium

Opium Tunisian  EC

Earthy and dark, sensual opium

Rose Umber  EC

A classic, soft scent with sweet tones of iris, lily, ylang, and honey

Satyr  EC

Dark and wicked forest play, seductive and alluring very rich with spice undertones

Sweet Grass  EC

Earthy and grassy, sweet smell of freshly cut alfalfa and clover

Vervain  EC

Woody and green with deep cooling undertones


Essential Blends

Bugger Off  EB

An all natural blend of essential oils to stop annoying insects- combination of lavender, cedarwood, tonka bean, tea tree, lemon verbena and ylang ylang

Cleopatra  EB

Deep and alluring, undertones of frankincense, opium, musk and almonds

Frankincense & Myrrh  EB

Warm, woodsy and aromatic also pungent, deep, earthy and dry

Pirate Queen  EB

The alluring deep and dark tones of black coconut

Shalimar  EB

An exotic blend of magic, notes of citrus, bergamot, jasmine, rose, tonka bean vanilla, iris, balsam and amber. Warm a luxurious

Stress Relief  EB

An herbal, relaxing and all natural blend of rosemary, clary sage and rose geranium

Thieves  EB

A strong scent, an essential blend of cinnamon leaf, rosemary, clove, lemon, eucalyptus and lavender

Women's Relief  EB

Herbal and deep, all natural blend of neroli, myrrh and clary sage




A bright, fresh, green floral bright, fresh, green floral

Ambrosia  F

A creamy scent with notes of fruits and florals

Amaretto F

Reminiscent to the liqueur, a blend of apricot, peach and almonds

Apple F

A fresh crisp delicious apple

Awaphui  F

A sweet and clean Hawaiian sea berry

Bayberry   F

A wintery evergreen shrub with blue-green fruit

Bay Rum  F

Bay leaves and rum, similar tones of cinnamon, oak and sweet vanilla

Black Currant  F

Rich and fruity blend of berries and currant highlighted with notes of citrus and vanilla

Black Tea  F

A spicy, sweet, slightly lemony aroma

Blue Bonnett  F

Warm spring weather, with notes of peach, bergamot and white berries, ylang and rose

Blueberry  F

Sweet northern berries, mildly tart, very fragrant

Chai Tea  F

Aromatic complex mix of cinnamon bark, clove, ginger, nutmeg and green tea

Cherry Blossom  F

Soft notes similar to lilac, rose creamy vanilla and almond

Cherry  F

Sweet, slightly tart, delicious and watery

China Rain  F

Sensual luminous, with the hint of fresh lilies, Chinese blossoms and white moss

Chocolate  F

Tradional cocoa scent, nutty and rich

Cinnamon (HOT)  F

Sweet and spicy hot fragrance

Coconut  F

Sweet, fruity and creamy- very tropical vibe

Coffee  F

A complex blend of different smells- flowery, nutty, smoky and herbal

Cool Breeze  F

Cool, fresh ocean breeze, wintery and clean

Cottage Breeze  F

Clean fresh cotton scent

Cranberry F

Sweet and very tart, fall in New England

Cucumber  F

Clean, crisp, watery scent

Cypress   F

Clean, spicy, woodsy evergreen scent, very soothing. calming and comforting smell

Dogwood F

A beautiful sweet floral with hints of jasmine, violet, plumeria and sandalwood

Dragon's Tears  F

Mildly earthy with notes of sweet and smoky tobacco

Frangipanni    F

A sweet, lovely floral, very tropical

Freesia  F

Early spring scent, happy light floral 

Fresh Cut Grass  F

Smells like freshly mown grass, very green

Fruit of the Vine  F

Fresh muscadine grapes, sweet and sun-ripened

Gardenia  F

Lovely, sweet and bright floral, cheerful scent

Ginger Bread  F

Sweet baked gingerbread, with note of vanilla, nutmeg, and ginger hearth and home scent

Ginger  F

Aromatic warm and lightly peppery with notes of lemon

Ginseng  F

Earthy, rooty smell, woody and strong scent, uplifting and energizing scent

Hawaiian Ginger  F

Aromatic and slightly earthy, more sweet, wet and clean

Hazelnut  F

Earthy, beany, chocolaty and nutty. evokes memories of the holidays 

Heather    F

Lovely, soft floral from Scotland, similar to honeysuckle

Hibiscus    F

Light subtle scent similar to dried fruit and tea leaves

Highlands Heather  F

Scottish heather from the highlands, light sweet and aromatic, bright and happy

Honeysuckle    F

Sweet, strong floral, summertime blooming with bright happy notes

Honeysuckle Sweet  F

Sweet, happy uplifting floral, summertime blooming, similar to jasmine with vanilla

Hyacinth  F

A light springtime floral with notes of magnolia, green and wispy

Jasmine   F

A floral, sensual, rich and sweet

Jasmine Rose  F

A jasmine and rose hybrid, light blooms with notes of bergamot and light musk

Kalei  F

A light and sweet blend of Hawaiian florals

Lavender   F

A sweet floral with a herbal and balsamic undertone- a brain relaxing stress reducer

Leather  F

A strong, masculine scent with a hint of smoky vanilla

Lilac  F

A strong sweet floral, bright and lovely

Lily of the Valley   F

A slightly sweet and soft floral, often considered slightly green and with dew

Lime  F

The brightest and energizing citrus scent, sweeter than lemon, juicy and tart

Lotus Blossom  F

A deep, rich, earthy floral with undertone of fruit

Magnolia  F

A sweet and creamy scent with a light citrus nuance

Midnight  Rain  F

Clean and slightly sweet, refreshing 

Mulberry  F

A delicious blend of berries with subtle tones of cinnamon and citrus

Musk China Dark  F

Clean fresh and smooth, with tones of vanilla, cherry blossom, cream and light citrus

Musk China Light  F

Almost powder fresh, with subtle hints of amber, rose and citrus

Musk Dark  F

Deep and sensual, sweet undertones, with notes of vetiver, cocoa, teak and vanilla

Musk Egyptian  F

Alluring and attractive, soft and powdery, with subtle notes of myrrh, rose, frankincense and a drop of patchouli

Musk Indian  F

Deep rich woody, like walking in a dense forest, with undertones of spice, flowers and earth

Musk Light  F

Soft and mildly spicy, undernotes of rose, vanilla, jasmine, vanilla

Musk White  F

Pleasant and clean, with a soft floral note.

Orange  F

Bright and sweet, tangy and lightly tart orange

Orange Blossom  F

Sweet and light floral with undertones of orange

Orchid  F

Light and soft sweet vanilla tone with a soft hint of ginger

Patchouli Light  F

A softer version of patchouli, still unmistakable

Peach  F

Sweet, sun-ripened peach, slightly tart

Pear  F

A sweet and dense fruit, great fall scent

Pennyroyal  F

Herbal minty scent, similar to peppermint

Peony  F

Sweet, rosy and citrusy, very uplifting and fresh

Pine  F

Woodsy and sharp evergreen- bright and happy

Plum  F

Juicy fresh and sweet, a lush and sensual vibe

Plumeria  F

Unique like no other flower, sweet combination of scents like, roses, peaches, lemons, jasmine and honeysuckle

Pomegranate  F

Sweet tart and winey aroma with the subtle green scent of its skin

Pumpkin  F

Spiced and buttery tones of pumpkin

Rain  F

Freshly fallen rainstorm, lightly sweet and bright

Rain Forest  F

Deep forest rainfall, clean with undertones of pine, cypress and cedar

Rapscallion  F

A rich blend of tonka bean and black coconut- very Caribbean scent evoking the pirates

Raspberry  F

Sweet, rich and bright sun-ripened raspberries

Romance  F

A rich and romantic opium blend

Rose Coriander  F

Traditional rose mixed with a soft coriander, with light herbal undertones

Rose  F

Bright, happy traditional rose, very fresh right out of the garden

Rose Scarlet  F

A bright, fruity floral, top notes of bergamot and lemon undertones of neroli, jasmine, peach, tonka bean and caramel

Rose Tuber  F

Powerful, intoxicating, with undertones of jasmine, gardenia, peony and orange blossom

Sage & Citrus  F

The deep earthy scent of dried white sage and the citrus undertones of grapefruit and lime

Sakura  F

Bright, sweet and happy Japanese cherry blossom

Sand Castles  F

Light and beachy smell, clean and uplifting

Sandalwood Hawaiian  F

Bright and tropical, accents of pineapple and plumeria

Sandalwood Light  F

Soft, silky and very lightly woodsy

Sandalwood Teak  F

A wonderful blend of soft sandalwood and exotic Indonesian teakwood more woody and vibrant

Spanish Moss  F

Deep in the boggy swamps of the south, Spanish moss has an antique feel of sweet powdery perfume

Strawberry  F

Sun ripened and very sweet

Summer Rain  F

Light and clean with a hint of floral

Sweet Pea F

Fresh floral, with top notes of lily, apple, grape, gardenia violet and mild musk

Tangerine  F

Bright, sweet and juicy with a slight honey note, uplifting

Violet  F

Soft and velvety with nuances of rose, raspberry and iris

Wisteria  F

Bright and beautiful floral, reminiscent of lilac, peonies and creamy vanilla



Amethyst  B

A combination of lily of the valley and dark musk

Autumn Harvest  B

A blend of fall leaves, dried spiced fruit, teakwood and sandalwood

Avalon  B

A mystical blend of pear and lily

Berries & Cream  B

A combination of blueberry, strawberry, cherry, cranberry, pomegranate, vanilla and baked cake

Black Walnut  B

A distinctive nutty and earthy, piney and citrus smell

Bliss  B

A sensuous blend of sweet apple and Scottish heather

Blue Moon  B

A unique blend of ginseng, soft musk and hibiscus

Celtic Dragon  B

A blend of myrrh, opium, dark rich sandalwood with lily of the valley, balsam fir and clean rain

Celtic Mist  B

Lily of the valley, light musk, clean rain, balsam fir- clean and woodsy

Clarity  B

A blend of lavender, sandalwood and neroli

Colvin  B

Ginseng and orange, bright and sweet

Cosmic Minstrel  B

A complex combination of sandalwood, cypress, vanilla and spices- earthy and deep

Dragon's Spirit  B

A wonderful dark blend of woody sandalwood, myrrh and opium, strong and vibrant

Dream Pillow  B

Lovely soft floral scent with frangipanni

Egyptian Queen (Isis)  B

An exotic combination of egyptian sandalwood, musk and lotus blossom, earthy with a dark floral

Emerald Shores  B

Like a journey along the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, clean, green and a hint of sea grass

Fiji Gardens  B

A wonderful sweet floral blend of polnesian hibiscus and plumeria, happy and uplifting

Freak of Nature  B

A bizarre blend of the rain forest, very earth patchouli and sandalwood

Freya  B

A unique and rich blend of vanilla, orchid and almonds- magical and unique

Funky Fairy  B

A secret of the Fae, sweet, candy like blend of fruits like lime and pomegranate

Galahad's Gardenia  B

Named after Sir Galahad, this is a blend of gardenia and hibiscus

Golden Karma  B

Very rich and earthy, a blend of sandalwood, patchouli, oak moss, myrrh and hibiscus

Green Tea & Bamboo  B

Clean and fresh scent, with a soothing green undertone

Gypsy Dreams  B

A light blend, with notes of rain and amber, clean and mild

Harmony  B

Exotic and somewhat earthy, with notes of vetiver and dry earthy tones

Harvest Moon  B

Earthy and rich, a blend of frankincense, sandalwood and jasmine

Hawaiian Winds  B

Beautiful blend of plumeria and frangipanni, clean, fresh, bright and happy

Holiday Spice  B

Holidays in a bottle, cinnamon, bayberry and pinetree- hearth and home

Immortal  B

Strong and alluring, earthy and mysterious

Island Sunset  B

Fresh, tropical, fruity smell, notes of papaya and mango

Jasmine Moon  B

Sweet jasmine blended with our cool and clean Moon Goddess

Leo's Lavender  B

A combination of lavender and french lavendin

Loki  B

Mysterious and bewildering blend of black pepper and bergamot

Love Potion  B

A passionate blend of vanilla and frangipanni flower

Mandarin Sky  B

A sweet earthy combination of myrrh and mandarin orange

Merlin's Beard  B

A wizardly blend of teakwood and mahogany

Mid Summer's Magick  B

A lovely magical blend of sandalwood, rose gardenia and lavender

Midnight Moon  B

Earthy and rich, a combination of Egyptian musk and east Indian patchouli

Misti Mountains  B

Like a soft rain on the moss covered mountains

Moon Goddess  B

A clean and seductive blend of opium, sweet rain and cucumber, evoking the energy of the full moon

Morgana le Fey  B

A crisp clean blend of lilac and cucumber, bright and clean

Morning Dew  B

A mysterious blend of neroli, orange blossom and china rain

Mother Earth  B

A soft but grounding blend of musk and sandalwood

Mystic Forest  B

A dry woodsy scent combination of Spanish moss and cypress wood

Nag Champa  B

A calming and warming scent reminiscent of jasmine or magnolia flowers, note of juniper, patchouli and vanilla, rose, geranium are also present

Namaste  B

The clean and calming scent of bamboo, peaceful and deep

Nectar of the Nile  B

Clean fresh linen scent with hint of baby powder

Norseman  B

Woody and clean scent, like a viking voyage across the sea, cedarwood, balsam fir and ocean

Ocean  B

Clean a lightly sweet watery scent, with a hint of sea berries

Odin  B

Very masculine blend, fine cologne like undertone, with a blend of teak, sandalwood, opium, myrrh, basil, sage and mint

Outlaw  B

Bold masculine blend of ginseng and dark musk

Patchilla  B

A soft but earthy blend of vanilla and patchouli

Patchouli Rose  B

A combination of sweet rose and earthy patchouli

Pixie Magick  B

Very sweet and happy, candy like smell

Prosperity  B

A unique blend of lemongrass and peppermint

Protection  B

A twist of sandalwood and ambergris

Rendezvous  B

A soft sensuous and deep opium blend

Seamair  B

Irish clover, Scots pine and moss- smells like the green fields of Ireland

Seduction  B

Romantic and intriguing blend of Egyptian musk and dark vanilla

Serenity  B

Peaceful combination of umber rose and Egyptian sandalwood a peaceful beautiful scent

Sherwood Forest  B

The forest of olde England, with woody notes of pine and oak

Siren's Song  B

Alluring blend of lavender, spice and pumpkin

Spellbound  B

A floral blend of ylang ylang and jasmine, enchanting and magical

Stardust  B

Bright sweet and out of this world, hints of strawberry and honey

Sugarplum Fairy  B

Super sweet plums blessed by the fairies

Summer Breeze  B

Bright and uplifting blend of orange blossom and rose

Summer Daisy  B

A sparkling floral bouquet, notes of violet, strawberry, grapefruit, jasmine, musk and vanilla

Sweet Meadows  B

A sweet fruity and floral blend of wild berries and tulips

Tea Leaf & Jasmine  B

A wonderful calming and soothing blend of dried tea leaves and night blooming jasmine

Temptation  B

A seductive and enchanting blend of dark rich vanilla and Egyptian musk

Thor  B

An earthy and deep unique blend of amber, myrrh, cedarwood, spice, frankincense

Tibet  B

An exotic and ancient tones blended, frankincense, opium, patchouli and myrrh

Titan  B

Bright and unique, a combination of oak, cedar, cypress, fresh cut grass and musk, with a touch of dark rich amber

Twilight  B

A creative deep combination of nag champa, dark amber, frankincense and vanilla- a darker, earthy version of nag champa

Vampire's Kiss  B

Alluring and attracting, with notes of tonka bean, plums, vanilla, amber, ylang ylang, strawberry and musk

Vanilla Lime  B

Smells like a citrus cake, warm and slightly tart

Vanilla Rose  B

Bright and happy rose blended with soothing dark vanilla

Waikiki Beach  B

Sweet and sun-ripened watermelon with undertone of light citrus, tropical and delicious

Waterfall  B

Cool and refreshing northern waterfall, and the blowing misty air that surrounds you

Whisper  B

Soft deep and very passionate, notes of tonka bean, mahogany, tea leaves, jasmine, violet and rose

Witch's Brew  B

Dark and mysterious, an earthy blend of sage, patchouli, frankincense, sandalwood, musk and amber

Wood Nymph  B

Woody and bright blend of jasmine and cypresswood

Zen  B

Very calming and deep- a blend of bamboo, myrrh, green tea and ginseng

Zephyr  B

Masculine and bright, a combination of lavendin, cucumber, musk and cedarwood

Zeus  B

Lightly sweet and clean with woody undertones, with Indonesian teak