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Essential Compounds

Dragon's Blood  EC

Potent heady blend of mild sweet, spicy and earthy notes- pungent and powdery

Frankincense Tunisian  EC

Aromatic resin from the boswellia tree, woodsy, earthy and lemony

Kush  EC

Earthy and floral, pepper and piney with a smooth vanilla undertone

Myrrh Tunisian  EC

Rich and deep, dry earthy tone with hints of figs, plum and wood

Opium China White  EC

Light and romantic, silky and soft opium

Opium Tunisian  EC

Earthy and dark, sensual opium

Rose Umber  EC

A classic, soft scent with sweet tones of iris, lily, ylang, and honey

Satyr  EC

Dark and wicked forest play, seductive and alluring very rich with spice undertones

Sweet Grass  EC

Earthy and grassy, sweet smell of freshly cut alfalfa and clover

Vervain  EC

Woody and green with deep cooling undertones

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